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Subject: NOTIFICATION: Clean Energy Communities | Kingston, City of | Clean Fleets


Hello Julie,


The City of Kingston recently submitted documentation demonstrating completion of the Clean Fleets High Impact Action under NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Communities program.


Congratulations, your submission has been approved.


This is your SECOND approved High Impact Action. Please note that in order to be designated as a Clean Energy Community, you need to complete four high impact actions and two of your actions need to be completed after August 1, 2016. Our records indicate that one of the actions submitted was completed after this date.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Clean Energy Communities Coordinator who is working on NYSERDA’s behalf to help you navigate the program:


Carla Castillo

Hudson Valley Regional Council

(845) 564-4075


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Clean Energy Community. Keep up the good work!



Clean Energy Communities Team


17 Columbia Circle | Albany, NY 12203-6399

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