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New Paltz Open Air Market 2019



The mission of the New Paltz Open Air Market (NPOAM) is to provide the community with

access to a diverse array of healthy, local, and sustainably grown and produced products; to

educate the community about the benefits of local and sustainable agriculture to personal

health, the community, the environment, and the local economy; and to support local

producers by offering them an retail outlet for their products.

Market Manager:

The New Paltz Open Air Market will be managed by the Market Manager, Ariana Basco, who

will be supported by the Market Board. The Market Board will be made up of three

volunteers with market management experience.

The NPOAM will operate under the following principles:

● Locally grown, locally made, farmer grown: Priority will be given to farmers

within a 40 mile radius of New Paltz, New York. If a farmer runs out of a specific

item, and a neighboring farmer who meets all other program requirements can

provide that item, the contracted vendor may re-sell this product only with advance

notice to the Market Manager.

● Value-added products: First priority is given to producers who make items out of

their own farm-grown produce. Vendors who make items out of locally-grown

products that they have purchased will be allowed as second priority in order to give

diversity to the Market.

● Organic, Sustainable, Chemical-Free: A goal of the NPOAM is to promote food

and sustainable growing practices, free from chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and

pesticides. Vendors must answer any questions regarding practices, ingredients, and

suppliers factually. To keep with the NPOAM principles, priority will be given to

farmers and vendors who sell products grown with sustainable practices, free from

chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

● Freshness, Quality, Cleanliness: Produce and other goods must be as fresh as

possible, thoroughly cleaned, and of the highest quality. The Market Manager

reserves the right to require the vendor to remove from display any items that are of

inferior freshness, quality, or cleanliness.

● Supporting Local Businesses: A goal of the NPOAM is to promote our local brick

and mortar businesses and create more economic viability in downtown New Paltz.

To keep with this goal, we will not be accepting vendors who sell items that would

create competition with, or draw business away from already existing businesses.

● Supporting Community Organizations: Non-profit or community organizations

are invited to participate in the NPOAM. Organizations may not offer items or

services for sale (other than memberships).


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Market Manager:

● Establish an operations plan and operating budget for the Market

● Recruit and communicate with vendors to ensure all are familiar with the rules and

have a fair opportunity to participate

● Establish and enforce rules and regulations, ensuring the market and all participants

are in compliance with State and local law, and to ensure that all concerned are

adequately insured

● Ensure smooth and safe operation of the Market

● Establish and collect Market fees

● Determine and arrange the Market’s operational schedule and special activities

● Conduct promotional program for the Market

● In the event that a concern or dispute occurs, please direct all grievances to the

Market Manager and/or Market Board.


● Vendors are required to bring their own table, tent and tent weights to each market

and are responsible for unloading, setting up and breaking down their stall on their


● Be completely set up and ready to sell by the opening time of the Market (10a.m.)

● Must be present for the entire duration of the market.


Operating Schedule:

● The NPOAM will run Sundays 10am to 3pm from June 2nd to October 27th

● Setup will begin as early as 8:30am and breakdown will end no later than 4:30pm

● All vehicles must be removed from the street by 9:45am


● The NPOAM will be on Church Street in the Village of New Paltz

● The street will be closed to traffic from the Bistro parking lot guardrail to the corner

of Academy street for the duration of the market from setup through breakdown

Clean up:

● The New Paltz Open Air Market location should be left as it is found

● All items brought in must be carried away

Booth size and fee:

● The vendor fee is $20 per market. There are 22 markets in the season. The entire

season will cost $440 per vendor.

● Booth size is 10’x10’

● Fees must be paid by the first market of the month, for the number of

markets in that month. ( ie: In July there will be 5 markets and so $20 x 5 =

$100 due on the first market day of July.)

● Repeated late or non-payment will result in vendor termination at the discretion of

the Market Manager. There will be no refunds for non-attendance. Checks can

be made out to New Paltz Open Air Market. Cash will also be accepted.

● Vendors who pay for the entire season in advance will receive a 10% discount

reducing the cost of the season to $396


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Plastic Bags:

● Plastic bags are BANNED in the Village of New Paltz. The NPOAM is not exempt from

this local law. Please bring paper bags, sell reusable bags or give customers boxes.


● All vendors are required to display an attractive sign with the name and location of

the farm or business in a clear and visible location.

● All items must be labeled, priced properly, and clearly understandable.

● Vendors are encouraged to have business cards, brochures, recipes, or other

educational material available for the customers.

Vendor Participation:

● Vendors may participate at the invitation of the Market Manager only. Vendor

selection is limited, and determined by product category, and growing and

production practices according to the NPOAM principles. Vendors will need to submit

a new application each year to participate

● Vendor participation in the NPOAM will be limited to available space and to the needs

of the market in accordance with applicable law and its mission statement, in the

good faith discretion of the Market Board.

● Applications may be denied and Vendors may be terminated by the Market Board at

any time and for any reason, consistent with the mission statement of the Market.

● Vendors who would like to participate part time are welcome to as long as it is with

consistency and arranged in advance. For example: participation on the 1st and 3rd

Sundays of each month.


● The NPOAM operates rain or shine.

● Vendors are expected to attend all dates for which they have committed, unless the

Market has been cancelled by the Market Manager. In case of cancellation, the

Market Manager will contact each vendor at least by 8:30 a.m. the day of the

cancelled Market using the contact information provided to the Market Manager by

such vendor. Please be sure to provide correct contact information, including

alternate phone numbers or email addresses.

● In the event that a vendor cannot attend the Market, the vendor should notify the

Market Manager as soon as possible and no later than 12pm (NOON) the day before

the market.

● Failure to attend scheduled Market Days without proper notice given to the Market

Manager will be considered an unauthorized no-show. After an unauthorized

no-show, the NPOAM has the right to terminate the vendor’s participation in the


Hold-Harmless Clause and Insurance:

● Each vendor must carry his/her own liability insurance of $1,000,000 and must have

an insurance certificate on file with the market manager before he/she is allowed to

come to the market.

● The insurance certificate must list the following as certificate holders:

○ Village of New Paltz, 25 Plattekill Ave., New Paltz, NY 12561

○ Town of New Paltz, 1 Clearwater Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561

● The insurance must also list the following as additionally insured:

○ Ariana Basco, 2 Pencil Hill, New Paltz, NY 12561.